Craftwerkz is a leading Singapore-based design and printing company that celebrates collective creativity in design and innovations -incorporated with a zealous desire to bring out beautiful and unparalleled creativity on festive gifts and paper products, while ensuring the best quality and delivering value from more than 10 years of experience, expertise and love from customers.

Driven by passion and dedication, we believe in going the extra mile to discover and serve the needs of our clients, offering them full professional services from design, production all the way to delivery.

Along with Singapore, we also have offices in Malaysia and China, working together to manage the entire supply chain ensuring to deliver our clients goods, the way they want them, at the right time.

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5 Gift Ideas to Complement your Chinese New Year Corporate Red Packets for employees and clients

By Craftwerkz | News

Like Christmas, Chinese New Year presents itself as the season for giving....

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What You Should Know About Popular Food Packaging Materials

By Craftwerkz | News

High-quality packaging materials will deter those substances from entering the packaging and increase shelf life. Hence, selecting suitable packaging materials slows down the oxidation process and prolong the expiration date. ...

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Say No to Plastic with 9 Sustainable Packaging Materials

By Craftwerkz | News

With the rise of environmental consciousness, people are more aware of the harmful effects of plastics. ...

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Improve Productivity with Psychology of Colors

By Craftwerkz | News, Trends

There are many important applications of colours in our daily lives, with many acting on our subconsciousness, and without us realizing. ...

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A-B-C of Retail Packaging

By Craftwerkz | News, Trends

Retail packaging like shopping bags is more than a utilitarian item used to transport products. It has great potential to enrich and extend the shopping experience by providing convenience....

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8 Multi-functional Mooncake Boxes You Would Want To Keep

By Craftwerkz | Trends

Years ago, mooncakes would come in simple boxes and cost between $20-$40 depending on the type of mooncake – you get a few selections of fillings...

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Going Green: What you need to know about FSC Paper.

By Craftwerkz | Technology, Trends

Have you ever put any thought on the carbon footprint your paper products leave behind? Who has the time? Paper has become such an essential part of...

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Why you must try the latest 3D Hot Stamping?

By Craftwerkz | Technology

Exciting in the world of print is the new 3D hot stamping. This is a new process developed by KURZ Transfer Products, L.P., Lexington, NC, that allows...

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