Retail packaging like shopping bags is more than a utilitarian item used to transport products. It has great potential to enrich and extend the shopping experience by providing convenience. This holds true with any type of tangible goods across the industries. They provide great exposure as it is one of the few store elements that leave the premises with your customer. It is important to capitalize on this opportunity by selecting custom bags and carriers for your business.

A great example of how a retailer takes advantage of this is Sephora. Their standard black and white printed euro tote with red tissue paper communicates their premium position and can act as gift wrap. In 2014, they launched a promotional bag for Valentines Day that featured a printed pattern, die-cut heart-shaped handle and magnet closure, perfect solution for Valentine’s Day gift givers.

a. Cost-Effectiveness

Retailers can make a must-have item do double duty as a promotional tool. Considering these bags and carriers are often purchased in large quantity, they are effective marketing tools at a fraction of a cent a piece.

A well-designed shopping bag is more than just a carrying tool for your customers. It is also a memento of their visit to your location and represents your brand and message to potential new customers. Every time a customer walks out of your shop with a custom bag, they are acting as a walking advertisement for your business. The return on investment extends more than just the receiving customer, but also your potential customers. Your name gets in front of countless customers who may never have heard about you.

b. Operational Efficiency

Most bags and carriers take up minimal space in any checkout operation. Your bags and carriers should allow for a speedier and more efficient checkout process between transactions. Eager shoppers can quickly become impatient to be on their way to enjoy their products, so logistically, it is important to make sure that you put a sufficient amount of thought into crafting your bags and carriers.

Consider the kind of product offering. You would have to ensure that you prepare the right sizes as well as the right kind of material for durability. Make sure your bag’s handles don’t rip off when customers fill your bags. Your customers won’t keep a bag that falls apart. So instead of more advertising opportunity, your bag would go in the trash.

c. Crafting a design of your own

Observe Your Competitors and do anything but what they do. In any aspect of a business, there’s a “herd mentality.” Most businesses will do the exact same thing. Take smartphone photos of your competitor’s shopping bags.

You’ll notice many fall into a certain range. Observe what the general trend is. That the right aspects of it and put your own spin to it. It’s the best way to market yourself.