Customers’ health and environment are our concerns. As a leading Malaysia-based design and printing company, our aim and objective is to satisfy our customers’ needs and wants. To satisfy and respond to customer’s health consciousness, all our packaging boxes are made of high-quality Food-Grade paper, while offering trendy design with superior hygiene.

Our Eco Friendly Custom Food Packaging available in all shapes and sizes. They Our products made with eco-friendly laminated kraft paper, making it leak proof and microwavable. Tell us your ideas and we will settle the rest for you. Customize your perfect fit for your business to enhance the brand visibility and create the awareness out there!

Various Design of Custom Packaging For Food

At Craftwerkz Design, we offer various forms of food safe packaging. As we understand that most of us would like to have our very own unique products to stand out from competitors, we came out with customization service as well! All of these items are available for customization. Have some creative ideas but not sure how to work it out on your food packaging? Talk to our professional and friendly consultant to find out more. Contact us at or call us at +603 8959 9035 for more details.

Branding Add-Ons With Custom Packaging

A great marketing tool to add useful information about the brand and the product, while keeping the packaging secure. It also helps differentiate your brand from similar products on the same shelf.

In compliance with US FDA and EU regulations and standards.

Our team at Craftwerkz Design specializes in curating Safe and Reliable Custom Food Packaging for food products to ensure meals are handled well to our utmost abilities safely and effectively. Custom Food packaging is the latest trend and playing an important role for all the business or restaurant owner.

As many individuals are currently staying and working from home, this could potentially pose difficulties for suitable and sustainable food paper packaging to be sourced and used effectively. We are committed to providing safe, reliable, and sustainable forms of food paper packaging for your branded products.

Eco Friendly Custom Food Packaging can come in different shapes, designs, materials, sizes and more. With great and attractive eco friendly custom food packaging, you will be able to improve your branding, quality, and awareness. It will give your consumers a strong impression and keep a place in their minds.

Looking for customized and Eco Friendly Custom Food Packaging? Or a Eco Friendly Custom Food Packaging that gives your brand or products uniqueness? Feel free to contact us for a consultation. We are ready to serve you!

Let us aid you in achieving your branding success today. Please contact us at or call us at +603 8959 9035 and we’ll help you create eye-catching material for your business.