Craftwerkz is the go-to manufacturer and designer of custom-made red packets for various festivities from Chinese New Year to Hari Raya and Diwali in Singapore. At every occasion, our unique designs are made to stand out from the crowd.

Our clientele includes prominent companies like the Bank of China, Mandarin Orchard and the Sentosa Development Corporation. Our wide range of clients from different industries proves that we are a reliable red packet printing service in Singapore. Our clients can choose from a wide range of paper materials, fabric and leather with our quality finishing to differentiate their products from their competitors. Contact us at or call us at 65 9876 1869 for more details.

Step 1: Select Preferred Style

Got a specific style in mind? Talk to our consultants about it and we can turn it into reality!

Festive Packet Styles from Craftwerkz

Step 2: Select your Material

The below 10 are our trendiest and best selling materials. Request for a sample kit and explore more!

Festive Packet Materials from Craftwerkz

Step 3: Select your Printing Method

Select from our many Printing Methods! Talk to our consultants to find which best fits your business.

Step 4: Select your Packaging

Optional but highly recommended. Complete your Red Packet set with our selection of packaging. Speak to our consultant about how to maximize your red packet gifting experience.

5 Easy Guide to Customise Your Corporate’s Red Packet

The key factor behind every successful branding lies in their company brand awareness. Make it an effort to elevate your corporate identity with personalised Chinese New Year Red Packet.
Enhance your Company’s first impression with breathtaking visuals today.



More Festive Packets

Contact us by filling out our enquiry form and we’ll design festive packets suited for both your company and the occasion. For faster turnaround time and a shorter purchasing process, you may consider imprinting your logo on our existing stock items.