Craftwerkz is the go-to manufacturer and designer of custom-made notebooks At every occasion, our unique designs are made to stand out from the crowd.

Our clientele includes prominent companies like the Bank of China, Mandarin Orchard and the Sentosa Development Corporation. Our wide range of clients from different industries proves that we are a reliable red packet printing service in Singapore. Our clients can choose from a wide range of paper materials, fabric and leather with our quality finishing to differentiate their products from their competitors. Contact us at or call us at 65 9876 1869 for more details.


Step 1: Select Preferred Size

We recommend the standard A5 as it is the size most commonly used.

Step 2: Select Preferred Cover Type

We recommend you consider the practicality of the material for your company use.

  1. Hard Casing Cover
  2. Leather Cover
  3. Paperboard Cover
  4. PP Cover

Step 3: Select Preferred Printing Method

We recommend the Spot UV for a beautiful yet minimalist finish.

Step 4: Select Preferred Page Specification

We recommend you consider the purpose of your notebook when choosing the content style.

  1. No. of Sheets
    • 70 pcs / 100 pcs / Custom Number of sheets
  2. Sheet Thickness
    • 70 gsm / 80 gsm / Custom Thickness
  3. Content Style
    • Black Lines / Black Pages / Custom Layout

Step 5: Select Preferred Accessories

We recommend the bookmark ribbon because it is one of the most useful.

  1. Pocket
  2. Pen Sleeve
  3. Wireless Charger
  4. Ribbon Bookmark
  5. Many More

Contact us by filling out our enquiry form or call us at 65 9876 1869 and we’ll design a planner suited for both your company and the occasion.