Although expression of appreciation and gratitude and the act of giving and gifting could be expressed and shown on any occasion and at any day of our daily communication and interaction with our fellow colleagues and employees, it is crucial to identify the importance of displaying and expressing the act of gifting for appreciation and gratitude during normal occasions to enable employees and our fellow colleagues to feel valued and cared for specifically during times of adversity and challenge, taking for instance, the recent healthcare situation- Covid-19. This helps to encourage motivation and commitment among employees and fellow colleagues for firms and brands respectively.

Overall, employee appreciation is never out-of-place, and it could be done on any usual day, however, not many organizations are implementing it as a form of common practice, and it is often a scarce commodity. By being an exception and using every opportunity to demonstrate on appreciation and gratitude to your company’s employees, this could hence help to build on your company’s cohesiveness and connectedness as employees would feel a sense of belonging and closeness with their workplace and colleagues as a whole while it also enhances on your company’s human resource retention management, thus potentially greatly reducing on attrition or turnover rates and more.   

We have compiled 3 feasible tips where brands and companies could potentially utilize on to convey their heartfelt expression of appreciation and gratitude below.

Tip 1-  Conveying a Simple Word of “Thank You.”

Conveying a simple word of “Thank You” could be expressed via words or through simple alternative means! If you are an individual whom might be feeling bashful or reserved, you could consider opting for a greeting card to warmly display your thankfulness and gratitude to a colleague personally in your workplace when you might have slight trouble in expressing yourself entirely as a whole.

Additionally, companies could consider giving out greeting cards to all employees to convey sincere and warm form of greetings, appreciation and thankfulness to them for their continued support, efforts and contributions all these times especially during times of adversity and difficulty, for instance, during the recent Covid-19 healthcare situation.

Moreover, during times like these, where most companies are required to work from home individually, greeting cards could also be delivered to each employee and/or colleague’s house address to celebrate a special day or occasion such as birthdays, or offering concern and well-wishes when a colleague had become unwell or had experienced personal matters as well.  

With many firms currently implementing and practicing on social distancing and working from home measures, greeting cards could be a suitable form of care and concern being expressed to employees and fellow colleagues from the management team and/or higher-ups. 

Tip 2-  Presenting with Individual Personalized Gifts

With companies knowing the interests of some of their fellow colleagues and/or employees to some extent could enable companies to gather some form of ideas on how they could present a small gift to their employees and colleagues occasionally. A small gesture of giving and gifting could potentially light up one of the employee’s and/or fellow colleague’s day in the simplest way possible!

Do you know why a small and simple corporate gift could be highly significant and meaningful for brands and firms to give to their employees and fellow colleagues? Especially for gift items which could be personalized for the intended recipients?

This is because for brands and firms who have selected on gifting to their employees and fellow colleagues specially with customized corporate gifts, when they consider on utilizing these customizable gift products, this could help to enhance on the firm’s brand image based on the perceptions and overview of their beloved employees, the gift item could also add on and provide a sense of personal feel and touch for the gift recipients when the firm have personally taken the time and effort in curating on the design and style of the product for each employee differently respectively.

And also, by including on individuality and unique factors such as each employee’s name, their unique strengths and good quality traits and many more, and lastly, adding a small ‘Thank You’ message to every employee and fellow colleague would greatly help in letting firm’s employees feel that these gifts are truly one of a kind and they would be able to feel the genuine and sincere efforts displayed by the firm based on the creative and uniqueness of each employee’s gift.

 Tip 3-  Presenting with Generalized Corporate Gifts

Alternatively, if brands or firms are offering on products and/or services that are essential and significant to most individuals during these times of adversity and difficulty in frontline sectors either assisting or supporting on many personnel and individuals, it is thus crucial to also be concerned and to care for the well-being of the firm’s employees and fellow colleagues.

During these periods of times, while brands or firms are heavily focused on producing, distributing and/or providing on essential products or services to its targeted audiences such as clients, consumers and/or other individuals, we have to also ensure and focus on the safety and well-being of employees whom are tasked and assigned to work physically in person in the company, such as personnel whom are working in the production, procurement and other essential aspects of the company’s departments. These are the individuals who requires more safeguarding in terms of their health and safety aspects and by implementing generalized corporate gifts such as care packages filled with personal healthcare products like Hand Sanitizers, Fabric and Disposable Face Masks, and Disinfectant Sprays are a few essential items many employees might require during such times when travelling to and from their workplace on a daily basis and working alongside with a group of team members could potentially expose employees to a much higher risks in terms of Covid-19.

With companies having these generalized corporate gifts being specially prepared and delivered to the comfort of each of their employee’s house address could ensure that each employee and including fellow colleagues could be well taken care of in terms of safeguarding their health, safety and well-being as a community altogether.

The above are 3 feasible tips we have compiled on where brands and companies could potentially utilize on to convey their heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to fellow colleagues and employees during times of adversities and challenges.

With a wide range and variety of product offerings we could offer at Craftwerkz, from customized greeting cards to essential personal healthcare products, your brand or firm could potentially be seeking for something we are able to cater for. To learn more about the range of products your brand or firm could potentially utilize on from ready merchandises to creating and preparing on customizing gift products specially for your company, we will be here for you!