Importance of Traditional Green Packets

As Eid al-Fitr marks the end of the fasting month, this would bring along the Hari Raya Aidilfitri festival, commonly known as Hari Raya Puasa, and this festival is considered to hold high importance as it marks the gratitude we have towards God, a special and joyous occasion and festival celebrated among families and loved ones, a time where feasts, homecoming, contemplation, forgiveness, reconciliation, joy and laughter are either renewed and/or forged on a meaningful and special day such as bringing the renewal of families’ ties and fostering the spirit of generosity.  

With the celebration of Eid marking the end of the fasting month, Ramadan, and the start of a new month on the Islamic calendar, Syawal, green packets are generally given to children and young adults who are currently not working during family and friends’ visits. And with the Hari Raya Aidilfitri occasion, many Muslims are highly encouraged to practice and foster on the spirit of generosity, hence, many Muslim families and loved ones would give out green packets as a form of generosity, and an action of being charitable, and from the giver’s perspective, the gift amount is not fixed, and this could be decided by the individual giver.

In addition, the giving of green packets to children and young adults from adults and working individuals could also represent as a form of sincere gratitude and reward to thank the younger individuals within the family for their efforts and contributions for going through the difficulties and experiencing the fasting month, Ramadan at a young age.

Symbolism of Traditional Green Packets

Did you know? The symbolism of Traditional Green Packets is quite similar to the Traditional Red Packets individuals gives out to children and young adults during these joyous and meaningful occasions and celebrations.

The green packets are also traditionally gifted to children and young adults by working adults and individuals, green packet also signifies best wishes to the receivers which is based on the Muslim custom of Sadaqah (voluntary charity) and Zakat (a form of almsgiving). The colour green is normally used to symbolize its association with jannah, the Islamic paradise. With newer implementations of colours such as gold, silver, blue and other bright colours that are now more popular than ever when it comes to colours trend. Additionally, green packets traditionally have also been perceived to be able to spread and share on love, happiness and joy with many other individuals and by adding a unique touch to it through customization and personalization for their green packets, while adding special messages and warm well-wishes to it, this makes green packets a much more highly attractive and important product item to have during Hari Raya festivals.     

Importance of the Patterns Used for Traditional Green Packets

Moving forward, the patterns used for green packets’ designs are as important and significant as the colours being implemented into traditional green packets during these special and meaningful occasions.

Similar to how traditional red packets are designed through intricate and abstract shapes and patterns in recent years in order to bring a simplified and modern yet stylish look to it, traditional green packets are also designed through such shapes and patterns in recent years. The use of intricate and abstract shapes and patterns could be designed and personalized in terms of how it helps to exude and provide a unique personal touch and feel to the overall appearance of these customized green packets.

Based on how distinctive and recognizable each of these traditional green packets’ designs are and with each family household having their own unique set of customized green packets during the festive period, this would also be able to bring a sense of bond and closeness to every individual altogether, with the perception that these green packets are uniquely theirs and its one of a kind in the world.

Did you also know? With each traditional green packet being specially customized by each family household and individual, this makes it much easier for children, young adults and including other family members to be able to easily distinguish the intended recipient for each of these green packets, thus making it seem more creative, enjoyable and fun in the process when children and young adults are guessing and matching each of their family members and loved ones based on which of these green packets are given by their families and loved ones respectively.

With the importance and symbolism traditional green packets have and brings to our Muslim friends and to their loved ones during this special and joyous occasion, and with recent developments made in terms of how green packet designs are gradually evolving, with customization services offered to each individual in recent years and with green packet designs gradually progressing over time through the implementation of using different colours and the use of intricate and abstract shapes and patterns for the creation of green packet designs in recent years, many traditional green packets have been modernized with a simplified yet stylish look to it overall.