With the Chinese New Year festivities coming to an end, your employees, consumers and clients are definitely looking forward to the next big holiday season. Be it Christmas, Hari Raya, Deepavali or even company anniversaries, there is always a company celebration to plan for throughout the year. Of course, with festivities comes the worry of spending too much on festive gifts, office decorations and employee and client meals. But did you know celebrating corporate festivities (within a budget) is a great way to enhance your corporate branding? Here are some reasons why celebrating corporate festivities all year round can help with your corporate branding:

Boosts your company’s social media feed

Social media is definitely a platform for your company to portray it’s fun and creative side to clients, potential employees and customers. Post your quirkiest pictures and videos from your company festivities to build more hype on your instagram and linkedin pages to gain the right attention.

Make your company stand out with unique holiday greetings

Everyone expects to hear holiday greetings for the usual Christmas and Chinese New Year holidays. Why not try celebrating the more unusual holidays to make your company stand out. Did you know that there is a National Hangover Day or a National Hug Day? Such ‘unusual’ holidays could develop into unique selling point for your company especially if merchandise gets involved. Check out  the ‘unusual’ holidays for 2020 here 

Makes your clients and employees feel appreciated

What better way to treat the people ,who played a part in your company growth, feel special than showering them with festive gifts and appreciation cards. Vocalize your appreciation by providing them with functional and creative corporate gifts. Such gifts include PU leather notebooks and organizers which is an all time classic.

Turn your festivities into a powerful business action plan!

Celebrating corporate festivities could be a great business opportunity as well. If your company is celebrating its anniversary or milestone, think about distributing vouchers or rebates to get more consumers involved in your celebration. Start thinking about getting promotional products involved in the occasion as well to send the right branding message to your potential consumers and clients.

Company celebrations are a great marketing tool to spread your branding message. At Craftwerkz we brand ourselves as a paper design and packaging company that celebrates festivities all year round with our clients. With over 20 years of experience, we pride ourselves in providing companies with creative and functional paper design gifts, greeting cards and packaging that best showcases their branding message. Get in touch with us to celebrate your corporate festivities with us all year round!